Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top UK Voice Man Mike Hurley Passes Away

Mike Hurley, one of the best known voices in Britain passed away earlier today. Although I never met Mike, I followed his career from his days as the breakfast jock at Pennine Radio in the late 70s, where his laid back presentation style, dry humour and fondness for playing Steely Dan tracks made for essential listening, through his countless ads for radio and television.
I used to think that Mike's voice was instantly recognisable, particularly on those energetic hard sell reads which Mike could do so well, but it wasn't until I discovered an short TV documentary about him that I realised just how many of the nation's favourite character ad voices he was responsible for. A true pro and a great loss to the industry.
Have a look at the documentary here.

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Anonymous said...

Rest In Piece Mike ! A legend with a legendary voice. Alan, if you hadn't posted this when you did I would have never found out until later on. I'd just come out of hospital (Feb 08) and was checking to see what you'd been up to when I saw this. A lovely tribute for a brilliant man.