Thursday, August 19, 2010

TV Narration Debut

A busy week last week with tight deadlines starting off with my first major TV narration. I have been chosen to voice for the gospel talent show Just Out Of This World, an area I have to admit I know little about. Nevertheless, the first two episodes went well with all the links being recorded in my home studio.

Find out more by checking the Sky Channel 586 UCB on Thursdays at 1930 with a repeat on Sundays at 1800 GMT.


michael said...

Alan very nice job keep up the good work.

Jade East

Anonymous said...

Only today someone asked me about finding Christian voice over work and I was unsure about what to tell them. I'm really sure if there is a world of work out there which deals specifically with religion related VO work. Did this job just find it's way to you naturally?


Alan said...

Hi Darragh - my apologies for neglecting the blog and missing your comment first time around. I had completed a few small podcast VO jobs for the client who found me via my website. Luckily, he had involvement with a production for UCB. Since then, a completely different client asked me to voice ads and station idents for a Christian channel on Sky and Freeview. I must add I have no involvement with any church or religious organisation so must assume they based their choice purely on the voice, which is how it should be.

Michael M. Johnson said...

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