Sunday, December 30, 2007

Great Acoustics.... Anywhere !

A voice artist buddy of mine, Kris Daniels, recently documented the ups and downs of improving studio acoustics whilst building a voice booth (read about it here) which reminded me of a recent solution from Harlan Hogan for those who have a less than ideal room to record in. It's a booth-in-a-box which can transfer a hollow sounding hotel room, bathroom etc into a studio without having to deploy power tools or a hammer.

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Anonymous said...

That would have probably been a better solution for me, I've got myself in a situation now where I need to look into acoustic foam and how it can help me in the recording booth.
As for the hollow room, that is exactly the problem I have now.
The room is sound proofed but sounds hollow with an echo, I can't hear it through the studio speakers but when I put the headphones on I can. This was a brilliant post Alan, I never knew about this sort of thing and got a bit of a fright when I saw how much acoustic treatment costs, and how much I'll end up spending to kit a professional studio.