Sunday, December 23, 2007

What Every Man Found In His Xmas Stocking In The 70s !

Time to take a seasonal nostalgic trip to the 70s with this short clip from British TV. If you received a gift of aftershave in the 70s, it was usually Brut 33, Hi Karate, or Denim. The Denim commercials stay in my memory as they followed the same theme, quite risque for the era ie:- hairy chested, medallion wearing guy would have his denim shirt slowly unbuttoned whilst the coolest sounding baritone voice would deliver the tag... Denim, for men who don't have to try too hard ! I doubt you would get away with such a campaign these days.

The voice belonged to Bill Mitchell, a Canadian born voice artist and actor who would hop from session to session in the studios around Soho in London. Movie trailers, national ad campaigns and radio liners, Bill could rattle them off in no time. He also had a dry sense of humour, hitting the UK charts with a parody of the Telly Savalas song If in 1975 under the pseudonym Yin and Yan. Bill passed away ten years ago. Hear more of his work here, you'll love it.

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Merry Christmas Alan and God Bless