Thursday, December 20, 2007

Their Secrets Revealed !

Search for books on voice over and you'll find plenty to choose from. Quality and relevance vary from book to book, but one of the best ones I have discovered over the last couple of years is Joan Baker's Secrets Of Voice Over Success.
Rather than a technical manual or a step by step how to do book, Joan approaches the subject in a simple but effective way. She collars America's top voice artists and lets them speak for themselves. The result is an interesting formula with the likes of Don La Fontaine, Joe Cipriano, Dave Fennoy and many others revealing how they got their start, their methods and tips for people new to the industry.
Don La Fontaine and Jo Cipriano appeared on the Paul Harris show to publicise the book, the proceeds of which go to an Alzheimer's charity, giving a lively, interesting and amusing insight into their work. Here the interview here.


BigMouthStudio said...

With names like Don La Fontaine and Jo Cipriano, this book must be good. Now you know what I want for Christmas!

Kindest Regards,

Jerry McCrae

Anonymous said...

This book definitely sounds interesting. I'm a shamed to say this, Alan. I had to research Don La Fontaine because I'd never heard of him before, turns out that I have and on many occasions, TV, Radio and Film he's done it all. I'm sold!